Flexible Duct Cleaning

While most homeowners are familiar with rigid sheet metal ductwork, many systems today utilize flexible duct to distribute conditioned air.

While most homeowners are familiar with rigid sheet metal ductwork, many systems today utilize flexible duct to distribute conditioned air. Flexible duct is easier to install but can accumulate more dirt and debris over time. Thorough flexible duct cleaning is important for optimal HVAC performance and indoor air quality.

Flexible duct

It poses unique challenges for cleaning compared to rigid ductwork. The corrugated interior presents nooks and crannies for contaminants to get lodged in tightly. Furthermore, the ducting is compressed inside uninsulated spaces like attics, crawl spaces or walls where plenty of dust collects.

Professional duct cleaners

They have developed innovative tools and techniques to overcome these obstacles. Many use power vacuuming rods small enough to insert into flex duct runs. Vacuum heads feature softening bristles and accordion shapes, ideally suited to scrub duct interiors without damaging the material. High-powered vacuums then extract embedded dirt at its source.

Additionally, fiber optic cameras are utilized to inspect ductwork from the inside out. LED illumination reveals obstructions or areas in need of extra attention that may otherwise go unnoticed. Videos and photos document cleaned areas for clients’ satisfaction.

To clean ducting fully,

section by section is disconnected one joint at a time. Doing so allows all interior surfaces to be reached instead of just what’s accessible from access panels. Reassembling joints with mastic sealant restores airtight performance.

Moreover, cleaning chemicals are sometimes applied to duct interiors. Natural or enzymatic solutions work to dissolve caked-on contaminants like grease, mold or dust mite waste. Treatments may require dwell time before vacuuming to take full effect.

Thorough flexible duct cleaning produces noticeable results. Before and after videos capture handfuls of dust and debris emerging from supposedly clean systems. Blockages inhibit airflow and pressure, shortening component lifespan. A quality cleaning ensures conditioned airmoves freely where it belongs.

As a concluding step, air balanced tests are run on some systems. Techs check supply and return registers to verify no noticeable airflow issues linger elsewhere. Reports detail cleaning methods, findings and ensure satisfaction. Future maintenance reminders help sustain superior indoor environments.

Proper cleaning restores the HVAC system to like-new running order. It extends equipment reliability while removing potential indoor triggers for asthma and allergies. Flexible duct poses challenges but reputable firms have the tools and experience for completing thorough cleanings. Homeowners benefit from respiratory health protection and energy savings in exchange for regular maintenance of this often overlooked component.

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