Financing Options Make Air Duct Cleaning More Affordable

While air duct cleaning provides numerous health benefits,

While air duct cleaning provides numerous health benefits, the cost can be prohibitive for some homeowners(Reeves, 2019). Fortunately, financing options now exist which make this important service more accessible through affordable monthly payments.

How Financing Works

Companies like Duct financing and Duck cleaning Loans partner with service providers to offer convenient financing solutions for customers. Here’s how it works:

After providing an estimate, you introduce the financing option to interested customers.

If they choose financing, an application is submitted and the customer’s credit is checked.

If approved, financing is arranged through the partner lender, typically at 0% APR.

After the work is completed, the lender pays you directly for the full amount.

The customer then makes manageable monthly payments to the lender for the financed amount over 6 to 24 months.

Customers benefit from spreading out the cost of air duct cleaning over time with no interest charged. And you gain a new sales tool that closes more deals.

Reduced Barriers

In addition, by removing the large upfront cash outlay, financing removes a major barrier preventing customers from getting needed duct cleaning. Also, many homeowners who otherwise could not afford the service are now able to get:

Improved indoor air quality by removing dust, mold and other contaminants.

Relief for allergy and asthma sufferers through reduction of irritants circulating in their homes.

Peace of mind knowing their ventilation systems are clean and functioning properly.

Greater Value

Seeing the manageable monthly cost makes your service seem like a better value. Customers who previously considered air duct cleaning too expensive but could comfortably afford the financed amount now move forward with cleaning.

In conclusion, financing options make an often cost-prohibitive service like duct cleaning more affordable and accessible through reduced monthly payments. Also, by partnering with a financing provider, you gain a powerful sales tool that closes more deals while also delivering health benefits to more homeowners who desperately need duct cleaning but can’t afford the upfront cost.

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