Dryer vents are apertures or openings on moisture-removing equipment, e.g. cloth dryers. There is often a hose or channel connected to the vent, which conducts the heat and moisture to the outdoors. Air ducts passages (most often pipe-like) used for ventilating, air conditioning / supplying air, heating, and extracting air. Air ducts are means of making sure that the air inside is safer than the air on the outside. The system put in place to ensure this is called ductwork.

So, what  dryer vent and air duct cleaning? These are the procedures used to remove dirt and dust particles from air ducts and dryer vents. This is to the end that the indoor air quality is improved by removing environmental pollutants like VOCs, skin dander, and allergens.

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Why It’s Important to Keep Both Air Ducts and Dryer Vents Clean

  • Safety:

    It seemed very important to check and clean air ducts and dryer vents often because if they become contaminated, it can be hazardous to the health. One of the most common home fire risks is due to dirty dryer vents full of lint that can ignite.

  • Health:

    Not cleaning your air ducts and dryer will increase the presence of not only clouds of dust on surfaces, but also the presence of bacteria and mold which can lead to illness and disease. Polluted indoor air classified as  one of the most commonly encountered environmental health risks. In a residence or building with well-cleaned air ducts, you are sure that the air you breathe in  cleaner than that on the outside which seem good for your respiratory system and your overall health.

  • Nice Smell:

    Dust and debris are not harmful but when they come together and mix with moisture, they give out a bad odor. Have you ever wondered why some old houses and offices smell musty? It is because most of these homes and offices haven’t cleaned their air ducts as required. Professionally clean your air ducts and dryer vents to ensure a nice and pure smell in your home.

Monetary Consequences:

When using your air ducts and dryer vents for a very long time without cleaning them and they break down, it could lead to a serious fault. The repair could be very expensive. Also, do you know that dirty air ducts and dryer vents reduce the efficiency of the HVAC and clothes dryer, which will lead to expensive power bills?

How Often Air Ducts and Dryer Vent Should Be Cleaned

  • The standard and the recommended period for the cleaning of air ductwork is about 5 years depending on your location. In areas that have more dust in the atmosphere like the urban and industrial areas can do the cleaning often than areas with less.
  • Proprietors should take it upon themselves to always clean the dryer vents bi-annually or at least once a year.


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