Dry Ice Blasting for Superior Air Duct Cleaning

Dry ice blasting offers an effective alternative to traditional air duct cleaning methods

Dry ice blasting offers an effective alternative to traditional air duct cleaning methods. Instead of liquid chemicals, dry ice pellets propelled at high speed are used to remove dust, debris, pollen, mold, bacteria and other contaminants from ductwork. Dry ice blasting can deliver a deeper, more thorough clean while avoiding the mess and residual moisture of liquid cleaners.

How Dry Ice Blasting Works

Dry ice blasting involves the use of compressed air to propel dry ice pellets at high velocity against surfaces. Dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid form, with pellets made by compressing gaseous CO2 to -109°F. When the pellets impact objects, they instantly transform into carbon dioxide gas on contact.

As a result, dry ice blasting produces no liquid runoff; instead, the CO2 sublimates directly from solid to gas. This allows dry ice blasting to clean hard-to-reach areas within air ducts while leaving no residue.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Compared to conventional air duct cleaning methods, dry ice offers several benefits:

Thorough cleaning – The high-velocity dry ice pellets effectively dislodge embedded dust, mold and other debris.

No chemical residue – Unlike liquid cleaners, dry ice produces no residues that could later attract new contaminants.

Less disruption – Since no water or chemical soak time is required, dry ice cleaning involves less duct downtime.

Safer option – Dry ice is non-toxic and safe for use around people and equipment.

Minimal downtime – Ducts can be used immediately after dry ice blasting since they do not need to dry.

Other Applications

In addition to air ducts, dry ice can be used to clean:

  • HVAC coils and condensing units
  • Commercial kitchen grease ducts
  • Air handling units
  • Fans and blowers
  • Compressor housing
  • Extraction ductwork

Dry ice blasting delivers superior cleaning power forair duct systems. It thoroughly removes dirt, dust and allergens while being gentler on surfaces.The lack of chemical residue and minimal required downtime make it an appealing alternative to liquid cleaners.

In conclusion, if you want the deepest, most thorough clean for your air ducts but wish to avoid the mess and potential drawbacks of liquid cleaners, dry ice blasting could be the ideal solution.

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