Can mold come back after remediation? it is possible but only if you stop looking for the resource of moisture developing the mold trouble from the start. It is critical that the source of water is taken care of, whether that is a cracked pipe or a leaky window in your home. Once that issue is repaired, the mold removal process will prevent mold from going back to that location.

Instead, homeowners that desire to free their houses of mold as well as stop more growth need to partner with a mold remediation firm. Hiring a mold elimination professional offers peace of mind, but mold can still return under particular situations.

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How Does Mold Return After Mold Removal?

Mold grows in moisture areas. Even if a house has had all the mold eliminated, the mold may slowly start to establish again if the moisture problem has not been attended to.

Take into consideration a home window that continually leakages during bad weather conditions in the wintertime. Over time, the rainwater accumulates and also pools in the home window sill, ultimately saturating right into the drywall around the window structure and also the casing. The homeowners start to smell mildew around the window as well as see tiny black marks appearing. And also, they can see signs and symptoms that point out that there is black mold in the room.

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How Does Mold Grow and Reproduce?

Mold has been around for a long time—millions of years, in fact—and it can live almost anywhere. It quickly reproduces by releasing spores that attach to something and then start reproducing into mold colonies. These can quickly and exponentially grow within two days.

Moisture is the key element in mold appearance and growth. Even if the area is only slightly damp, mold can thrive. As far as a food source, the options for mold are endless. Everything from old logs to food to soil can serve as nourishment for mold.

Think of your wood panels or dust or dirt. Mold can use these as food sources.

How to Keep Mold From Coming Back

You may have read DIY articles about how to eliminate mold in your home. While it’s always a good idea to keep things clean and moisture-free, you should be aware that often, mold lurks in areas that you can’t see or smell.

That means that you may only see a tiny part of the mold that is actually lurking within your home or office.

The only way to ensure your mold problem won’t chronically return is to have mold inspection, mold remediation and removal.

We can eliminate your problem through eliminating sources of moisture and even encapsulating your crawl space.

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