Ohio is an important stopover site for wildlife to safely rest and forage before either migrating through in the spring and fall or settling in to nest and raise their young.  The state’s varied geography of forests, grasslands and coasts, along with two large water sources Lake Erie and the Ohio River attracts a wide array of wildlife.  This presents many opportunities for unique encounters. Here is our list of the top five best migrations to watch for in Ohio.

Bird Removal & Migrations Through Ohio | Animal Remover


Birds are notorious for finding their way into the homes of unsuspecting Ohio homeowners. They can fit into gaps smaller than 1/4″ in some instances. Often times, you will head them inside one of your vents. Birds in vents are a very common issue for Columbus residents. Uncovered vents make for easy access and a great place to stay. Starlings and sparrows will live in vents for as long as the location suits their needs. Many times, birds will go as far as to build nests and lay their eggs inside a vent. This location is perfectly hidden from predators and usually has a great, dry climate for protecting eggs. Full nests will have to be removed after safely excluding the birds from your home or attic. Vent repair and nest removal are two common components of our standard bird removal service.


European starlings are problem birds for countless people in Columbus, OH. Scratching sounds, thumping sounds, or other loud noises (especially chirping) may indicate you have birds living in your home, attic, or elsewhere on your property. It is best to have these birds removed quickly before the damage they cause piles up. Although transmission is rare, starlings’ droppings may contain histoplasmosis as well as a number of other infectious diseases, so quick removal is a necessity.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Birds From Vents In Ohio?

Prices to remove birds and bird nests from dryer vents and bathroom exhaust vents in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo, Zanesville, Canton, Youngstown, Findley, Marietta and other cities in Ohio start at $795 per vent. This fee includes cleaning out the vent and the installation of one cap

Contact a professional bird removal company in Ohio if you need birds, bats, starlings, geese, woodpeckers, sparrows or pigeons removed from a structure. The Cotton’s Wildlife Removal company removes bird nests and bat colonies for Ohio homeowners and businesses. CWR bird control technicians know how to get birds out of vents.


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