While birds cause little damage to abandoned houses, droppings and nesting materials can become a mess, so you can humanely remove them.

Birds like sparrows, starlings and pigeons often nest in abandoned buildings that provide open, undisturbed spaces. While the birds themselves cause little damage, their droppings and nesting materials can become a mess. Removing the birds humanely before renovating or selling the property is important.

Why Remove Birds Humanely?

Birds are protected. Many species of birds are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Intentionally killing or harming them is illegal.

Furthermore, birds benefit the environment. Even common species like house sparrows perform valuable ecosystem functions like pest control and pollination.

In addition, inhumane removal is ineffective long term. Killing or scaring away birds usually only creates space for more to recolonize the building.

Consequently, humane removal methods focus on sealing entry points and safely excluding birds from the property. This allows the current birds to leave on their own while preventing new birds from nesting inside.

Methods for Humane Bird Removal

First, seal all holes and openings larger than a nickel. Use metal mesh, foam or caulk to cover holes in soffits, siding, vents and roof edges where birds enter and exit.

Next, install one-way door exits. Trap doors allow birds to leave but not re-enter the property, safely excluding them over time.

Furthermore, remove nesting materials and bird droppings. Carefully gather and dispose of any nests, straw, feathers and excrement to prepare the property for new occupants.

Additionally, deter future birds with physical barriers. Install spikes, wires or netting on horizontal ledges where birds tend to perch and nest. Check local ordinances first.

In summary, the most humane and effective way to remove birds from an abandoned house is to seal entry points, install one-way exits and deter future nesting using physical barriers. This allows current birds to leave on their own while preventing more from colonizing the property. Hiring professionals for the job can ensure all exclusions and deterrents comply with local laws protecting birds. So before renovating or selling an abandoned house occupied by birds, call in the experts to safely but humanely remove the unwanted avian tenants. The property will be mess-free and the birds unharmed.

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