Sometimes, birds make their way into buildings, where they can become a nuisance due to loud noises, structural damage, and messes. Birds are an important part of our natural environment, playing a key role in seed dispersal, plant pollination, and even pest removal. They are afforded considerable protection by laws, regulations and public sentiment that controls what kind of bird control can be implemented.


Here are some tips for bird removal and control:

Eliminate access points and nesting spots

Birds enter attics and other areas through openings like vents, eaves, and gaps under siding. Seal up any access points to remove nesting and roosting spots. This will force the birds to find another area to nest.

Use spikes, wires, and netting

You can install spikes, wires, and netting over areas where birds are roosting or nesting to make the area physically unsuitable. Bird spikes and wires prevent birds from landing, while netting covers open areas to block access.

Use audio deterrents

Birds dislike loud noises, so you can use ultrasonic sound devices or noisemakers to drive birds away from an area. Place the devices directly at the nesting or roosting spot for best results. The birds will eventually learn to avoid the unpleasant noises.

Use visual deterrents

Reflective tape, balloons, and other visual scare devices can deter birds. The iridescent and moving objects scare the birds. However, birds will get used to these deterrents over time, so they work best when combined with other methods or when moved/replaced frequently.

Use chemical repellents

You can apply chemical repellents with the scent of predators’ urine or blood to structures and areas where birds are nesting. The unpleasant smell deters birds from the area. However, the effects wear off over time and in heavy rain, so reapplication is necessary. The chemicals may also have an unpleasant smell for humans.

As a last resort, hire a professional pest control or bird removal company to trap and remove the birds in a humane way if the above DIY methods do not work.

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