Some dishonest companies use deceptive sales tactics and perform subpar cleanings to scam unsuspecting homeowners.

Duct cleaning can be a worthwhile service to improve indoor air quality and HVAC system efficiency. However, some dishonest companies use deceptive sales tactics and perform subpar cleanings to scam unsuspecting homeowners. Here are some duct cleaning red flags to watch out for.

Pushy Salespeople

Legitimate duct cleaning companies don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. Be wary of companies that:

  • Call or come to your home unsolicited
  • Claim your ducts are “extremely dirty” without inspection
  • Use fear-mongering to generate sales
  • Pressure you to make an immediate decision

Avoid firms that employ these aggressive selling strategies. Trust companies that let results speak for themselves.

Furthermore, Bait and Switch. Some companies offer steep discounts to get you in the door, then claim additional “mandatory” services and charge much higher fees. Be skeptical of dirt-cheap quotes that don’t specify all included work.

In addition, Incomplete Cleaning. Some companies perform rushed, incomplete cleanings to maximize profits. Signs of an inadequate job include:

  • Leaving dirty rags behind in ducts
  • Not thoroughly vacuuming all ducts and registers
  • Not resealing ducts after service
  • Failing to sanitize ducts against mold

Consequently, verify credentials. Make sure duct cleaning companies have proper licensing and certifications. Ask for references you can contact. Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaint reports.

In summary, beware of duct cleaners that employ high-pressure sales, offer unbelievably low prices, provide incomplete services or lack proper credentials. These are red flags for potential scams. Instead, seek out reputable HVAC and Indoor Air Quality firms with verifiable experience, certifications and positive reviews. Get multiple detailed quotes in writing specifying the precise scope of work. Then schedule cleanings when convenient for you – not companies pressuring for an immediate decision. Avoiding scam artists and doing your research upfront will ensure a thorough, honest duct cleaning that improves your home’s air.

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