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1 Best Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning - Maintenance Company in Dubai


Your  duct cleaning nowadays should be in your priority list. Specially your vents and air ducts move air from outside the house and circulate it throughout the house. If your air ducts are dirty this means the air circulating within your home will be dirty also. And in winter, we spend more and more time indoors breathing in this air. Vent cleaning, however, helps minimize dirt and is especially important in the winter months, when the house is shut up tightly against the cold winter air



Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned in Winter

Eliminate Common Winter Allergies

The most common allergies that people suffer from during the winter months include those to mold, pet dander, and dust mites. Dust mites also circulate through your HVAC system frequently, and they’ll quickly start to build up in the ducts without routine cleaning. If you have pets in your home, they might not shed as much during the colder season, but they will still have dander that moves through the air and gets into the HVAC system.

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 Improves Your Air Quality

Cold weather forces you to turn your heat on. With your heat on you’re unable to open your windows, as you would in the summer, to get fresh air running through your home. If your windows opened and your heat is turned on, you risk the chance of heat escaping and your utility bills climbing. With a lack of fresh air, the air within your home gets recycled through your duct system. Keep in mind that your duct system collects particles and debris over time, and if you haven’t had them cleaned since the summer, there could be lots of pollutants and other allergens being recycled throughout your home

Combat Extra Time Spent Indoors

To stay warm, most people spend as much time as possible indoors resulting in an increase in allergy symptoms. Since you’re probably running your heating system more often, allergens will tend to recirculate. When you’re not at home, you’re probably at work or visiting with friends, but remaining inside.

 Keeps Your Home Safe

An inefficient duct system can pose a risk at any time. This risk increased during the winter months. As we know, without containing your ducts cleaned a build up of particles that lead to serious consequences. One of those particles, lint, commonly found in furniture within your home, can settle into your duct system. Unfortunately, lint seemed a very flammable material. With constant heat pumped through your duct system, this can increase the potential of overheating, resulting in the lint igniting. This fire will spread quickly throughout your home and can be detrimental

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