Many people are justifiably concerned as to whether it’s worth the investment for HVAC Service and maintenance programs. Let’s examine whether HVAC maintenance programs are worth the cost and where you can go to get more information on a service plan for your new system.


It’s true that HVAC maintenance programs can cost a few hundred dollars a year, and they tend to be one of those things that you hope you never have to use. If that’s the case, do you need to spend the extra money? In truth, yes, HVAC service and maintenance contracts are worth it in the long run, even if you don’t use them every year. Let’s see why.


When you sign up for an annual service agreement, you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule maintenance. Your company can contact you when it’s time and take care of it. Keeping your furnace well maintained is the key to lowering your utility bills. Which in turn will help to offset the cost of your agreement.


Maintenance is key to keeping your furnace working like it should. The last thing you want in the middle of a Las Vegas summer is for the AC to break down. Having a maintenance agreement and contract in place is key to making sure your HVAC system continues to function at maximum efficiency.

Not only will it prevent breakdown, but it will extend your equipment life, possibly by a decade or more. It can also help to restore efficiency as it begins to be less efficient with age.


Generally speaking, HVAC companies will prioritize those customers who have maintenance agreements and customer loyalty. They might even offer discounts and specials on parts and service at various times. This means that when you do suffer a problem. You won’t be on a waiting list for months on end to get the issue addressed.

The Legacy Air Club Membership, for example, offers a discount on all parts, with a guaranteed 24-hour response on calls. You get a discount on service fees and even complimentary tune-ups, as well as four complete sets of filters to change out, and the service tech will change the first two out, with reminders sent for the other two. You’ll get full warranty on parts and services.

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How Often Should I Have my HVAC System Serviced?

This  question we get asked a lot. We recommend that you get your system serviced at least once per year, but twice a year is better. Ideally  one tune-up in the spring before the air conditioner needs to run the most and again in the fall before the furnace needs to start kicking on.

But, if you  only go to do it once, we recommend to have your AC system tuned up in the spring. In the same way a car needs regular maintenance to run efficiently and to prevent breakdowns, your home AC or furnace unit needs attention. A few stats we like to show around here  comparing if your car ran as often as your home heating and cooling system.

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