Air Duct Cleaning: Improving air filtration

Did you recently have your home's air duct cleaning professionally ? That's an excellent first step to improving your indoor air quality and respiratory health.

Did you recently have your home’s air duct cleaning professionally ? That’s an excellent first step to improving your indoor air quality and respiratory health. However, to keep allergen buildup and pollutants out of your HVAC system and circulating air supply, it’s also important to use high-quality air filters after duct cleaning.

The air filters installed in your furnace, air handler, and throughout the ductwork help trap potentially harmful particles before they reach your vents and airways. After duct cleaning removes buildup, high-efficiency air filters help keep the air in your home clean and breathable.

We recommend the following types of air filters to install after duct cleaning:


•HEPA filters. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air.”These filters can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles including dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and pet dander. HEPA filters are especially useful for allergy and asthma sufferers.

•Carbon filters. Carbon filters contain activated charcoal which helps absorb volatile organic compounds, odors, chemicals and other irritating gases in the air. Using HEPA and carbon filters together provides maximum filtration.

•Electronic air cleaners. Electronic air cleaners, or air purifiers, release charged ions that help capture particles on contact. They can improve filtration for larger areas but should be used in addition to standard HEPA filters, not as a replacement.

  • pleated filters. Pleated filters have a larger surface area which allows them to capture more particles. Higher pleat count, like 10-20 pleats or more, provides enhanced filtration for higher dust and allergen loads.

•Continuous air filter. For increased convenience, consider continuous air filters that slide into tracks for uninterrupted filtration. They eliminate the need for frequent filter replacement.

Finally,high-efficiency filters and electronic air filters will keep the air in your home clean after duct cleaning while pleated and continuous filters provide convenient long-term solutions. Contact a filter supplier or your HVAC professional for recommendations on the best, most affordable options for your system. Breathing easy starts with clean air from high-performing filters.

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