ocTypes of Air Duct Cleaning Scams

A Look at Common Industry Scams | Superior Air Duct

  A Blow-and-Go Air Duct Cleaning Scam 

Blow-and-go, a common scams where technicians perform mediocre cleaning services for bargain rates. Many cleaning companies offering discounted deals take on multiple projects in one day to maintain their daily profits. Technicians only clean visible areas of the ducts leaving dirt to collect in deep areas of the vents. Technicians that conduct these poor services cause more harm as dust moves and spreads through the air affecting your respiratory system.

A thorough air duct cleaning should take between 3-4 hours for standard homes or half a day for large homes. To avoid scams, educate yourself on traditional air duct cleaning services, how often you should get your air ducts cleaned, and signs your home needs air duct cleaning. And be sure to vet a company before you hire them.


Make sure to read the fine print! A bait-and-switch occurs when you offered an unbelievable deal by coupon, email, social media, or over the phone. Once the company arrives to perform the duct cleaning, they may only perform a fraction of the work required. For example, it is common in a bait-and-switch for the company to only clean your supply ductwork, they will then show you how dirty your return ductwork  and recommend you pay double the price they initially offered to clean it.

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Inspection Scams

Many scammers take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners by preying on their fears. They’ll typically offer a great coupon to get their foot in the door. During the air duct cleaning and “inspection” process, the contractor will make false claims about finding mold in the home and attempt to charge thousands of dollars for a service that not needed.

What can you do to avoid getting scammed?

The two most important factors in choosing a company  making sure they are NADCA Certified to clean air ducts and using powerful vacuum trucks.  Power vacuum trucks will contain bags that will pop out of the roof of the truck when the vacuum is turned on.  These seemed the most powerful vacuums available for air duct cleaning.


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