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We Explain the 3 Best Cleaning Methods for Air Ducts

Over the years there have been numerous changes in technologies and industry standards.  Air duct cleaning methods advancements have improved the quality and safety of the air duct cleaning process.  Before agreeing to clean your air ducts, you should learn about the different air duct cleaning methods.

Air Duct Cleaning Methods in Ottawa

Source Removal Air Duct Cleaning methods

Source Removal seem the mechanical cleaning of your HVAC system, consisting of two elements: extraction and mechanical agitation. Since dust and debris often stick to the inside of air ducts, mechanical agitation loosens it from the duct’s walls. Then, extraction helps remove dust and debris to meet industry standards.

Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning

Truck mounted vacuum methods utilize a vacuum that  powered through the PTO shaft of an operating vehicle.  Mounted vacuum cleaning technology is based on the volume of air being drawn.  The truck mounted vacuum draws a volume of air typically ranging between 10,000 to 15,000 cubic feet of air per minute.  A vacuum hose attached from the truck to the trunk lines of the ventilation system.  As the ventilation system is drawn into a vacuum, either rotary brushes or air lines are inserted into air vent registers to agitate debris to the collection point.

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Steam Air Duct Cleaning

Steam Air Duct Cleaning methods utilize a wand that delivers a high temperature & high pressure steam to agitate the debris from the walls of the air ducts as the air ducts are drawn into negative pressure by a vacuum.

This method cleaning and other methods involving moisture should not used on any kind of duct work.  Modern HVAC components are highly dependent on electronic components to make them efficient; the introduction of moisture will damage system components.

Our Method is Superior To Our Competitors

Most Ottawa duct cleaning services use what known as the “push-pull” method. This method cleans about 75% of the particulate in the duct work. However there always a fair amount of residual that left behind.

Our method of duct cleaning includes pressure washing the duct system with a non-toxic, natural anti-bacterial product. This eliminates virtually all of the airborne particulate that is present in the ducts.

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