It’s not hard to spot the signs that you may need to replace a dryer ducts . Here are some important indicators

  • A buildup of lint :

    Sometimes a lint clog can manifest itself in clothing getting very hot. If your clothing is really quite hot to the touch at the end of the cycle, it means your dryer has an exhaust problem. Typically, this problem usually caused by an abundance of lint in the vent that is keeping the dryer too hot. It is wasteful on your energy bill, a huge fire hazard, and it  wearing out your dryer’s heating element exponentially. So if you happen to notice that there is an abundance of lint that is gathering around your unit, that may be one of the signs your dryer ducts need repair. Keep in mind that lint is extremely flammable so you never want this material to accumulate in or around your dryer.

  • Time :

    The passage of time can also lead to weakness in the air ducts that run through your home. When the ducts weaken, they can collapse altogether. This would cause major problems, including low airflow, low efficiency and high amounts of air leakage from the restricted sections of ductwork. Time can cause the duct insulation to move or deteriorate as well. The point of insulation is to help control the temperature of the air as it travels to its destination. Without proper insulation, efficiency drops rapidly.

  • A raise in humidity :

    Clothes dryers not only produce large amounts of warm air, but they also produce massive amounts of humidity. As heat introduced to the wet clothes, humid air pumped out of its vent system. Although a raise in humidity doesn’t necessarily mean that there are serious problems with your dryer duct, it could be indicative that it may not be working effectively.
  • Your dryer duct is missing

    If you look behind your unit and you don’t see a dryer duct at all, then no need to panic. sometimes  when dryers  installed without duct work. It also  possible that your dryer duct may be removed during a past maintenance appointment and never reattached.

  • Wet clothes :

    One of the sure-fire signs that you may need to replace your dryer ducts is if your clothes do not get dry after one load. It should never take more than one cycle for your clothes to come out crisp, clean and dry. So, if you realize that your clothes are still damp, you should reach out to us as soon as possible.

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